Shall Not Be Recognized - portraits of same sex couples
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Diane Banach
 and  Jolene Konieczny with Amanda

Diane Banach and  Jolene Konieczny with Amanda

with Amanda Banach

Jo: I'm a stay-at-home mom for Amanda and I do daycare, currently watching five children. I'm a pretty huge kid magnet. I can't walk into a mall without some child walking away from their parents and coming up to me saying, "Hi!"So this must be what I'm supposed to be doing. Diane: When I first came out, I was a full-fledged baby dyke in army jacket and combat boots, ready to hit the world. Now I'm proud to be a mom. The hardest part of being same-sex parents is dealing with things like insurance and guardianship. Huge frustrations! I mean, I could go down the street and pick up any Tom, Dick, or Harry and, boom, he could adopt Amanda and everything would be covered. Jo: I carry a permission slip from Diane in case I have to take Amanda to the hospital. Legally, I have no parental rights with her and the State of Wisconsin won't let me adopt her. Diane: We've talked about changing our names so we're all the same, so there won't be questions of motherness as Amanda goes through school.

Together since January 19, 1998