Shall Not Be Recognized - portraits of same sex couples
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 Borrow the Exhibit

The framed photo/text exhibit, Shall Not Be Recognized, includes 30 portraits of same-sex couples in committed, long-term relationships. We make it easy for you to bring this informative exhibit to your community. The goal is to show the exhibit in environments where it has a chance to make a difference — public places like churches, hospitals, universities, office buildings, and the like.

To learn more about borrowing the exhibit, contact us.

Key responsibilities of sponsors of the exhibit*

Arrange for the exhibition venue — ideally, a location where the exhibit will be seen by a significant number of people who are not already comfortable with or supportive of same-sex couples.

Decide on the duration of the exhibition — two weeks to six weeks is typical, but shorter or longer periods can be accommodated.

Cover the costs of shipping the exhibit materials to your city — may be several hundred dollars, depending on carrier and distance.

Make a donation to the Shall Not Be Recognized project fund. The suggested amount is $250 to $600, depending on funds available and the length of time the exhibit is on loan to your group. All donations are tax deductible through the Cream City Foundation.

Publicize the exhibition.

Hang the exhibition, then take it down, repack it in the cases provided, and ship it to its next destination.

*Complete sponsor responsibilities will be specified in writing in the exhibition contract.

To become more familiar with the exhibit, you can view a slideshow of the 30 photos. You can also view a pdf which includes the 30 text panels that accompany the photos. If you would like to have additional copies of the 20-minute exhibit DVD mailed to you, please contact us. It can also be downloaded.