Shall Not Be Recognized - portraits of same sex couples
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Roger HansenJohn Payton

Roger HansenJohn Payton died July 2006

John: Some people in our Quaker meeting would have been more comfortable if we had asked for a civil union instead of a marriage. We were very clear that we were asking for a marriage. This is something that we are bound to not just by a civil contract but by the pledge we've made in front of our faith community and God. Roger: Our commitment to each other came remarkably quickly and easily. My trust in John is so full, that he will always be with me and I will always be with him. Anything we face, we'll face together. I had a serious operation several years ago. John was just as steadfast by my bedside as any husband or wife might be for their spouse.

Roger: I don't know what we would ever do without each other, because we have so many little in-jokes, most of which are very stupid but which we find very amusing. We couldn't possibly share them with anybody else. They would just look at us like we were crazy! Some of them are silly puns, some of them we talk back to the TV. I do a little dance for John and that amuses him. I sing off-key and that amuses him. John: It's not because he's trying to sing off-key. That's just the way he sings!

Together since September 20, 1998
Quaker marriage in Illinois, September 7, 2002