Shall Not Be Recognized - portraits of same sex couples
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David Jones and Anthony Balistreri

Brenda Coley and Sandra Jones

David: We enjoy our house, our quiet. On summer weekends we do a lot of driving around in the '65 Cadillac that Tony inherited from his father. We're both very into our dogs. A lot of animals are treated so cruelly, my dream is to open an animal rescue someday. We're very happy just to be home at night watching TV with our dogs, in bed by 10:30. I think we have a pretty good thing going. Tony: What we have grows every year. David: On May 22, 1993, we had a holy union at a Methodist church. We had everything a straight wedding has - the convertible with "Just Married"on the back, tin cans, a sit-down dinner, and a deejay played all night. Tony: My whole family was there. Not his. David: I stood my ground, went about three years without seeing my family after that. But I kept in contact with them, sent birthday cards, called on holidays. Eventually, they started to come around, and now Tony is part of the family. They wouldn't think of inviting me without him. Tony: It's no different than blacks riding in the back of the bus. It will all change eventually, and the ball's already rolling.

Together since March 21, 1989